About us

Our story begins in a small place with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream, our brand was born.

Family-owned and operated for the past 24 years, treating our customers the same way we’d treat our relatives! We don’t only sell dry fruits and nuts, every business transaction at Saahin comes with complimentary laughs, good vibes, and a start to something so wonderful. Even though Sahin started as a small business, we became famous for
introducing high-quality products to the North American markets. We don’t like
to call ourselves pioneers but you can call us that. From handmade confections to a
complete collection of naturally sundried fruits and daily in-house roasted nuts, we are sure that we have something for everyone's pallet.
Serving our beloved Canadians and fellow
Americans for the past 24 years and counting!

Mission Statement

Year after year, getting better at what we do best. Taking
care of your dried fruit needs from picking, drying, processing, and packing
all to the North American standard.

We have our dried fruit specialist on duty
making sure that every bite you take should be with confidence. This is one of
the reasons we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to assure you that no
customer has a product of ours that they are not content with. 24 years guys!
All along you have enjoyed our many different products whether it is Nuqul (frosted
almonds) or our famous Garm Masala Mix, we
have been hiding somewhere in your fridge or pantry. We now are giving the
consumer a direct option to the manufacturer/importer for the very first time.

All we did was started making the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to quality and sustainability.